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Limit Switches Manufacturer

Limit Switches Manufacturer In Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Limit Switches Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Limit switches manufacturer in Ahmedabad offer version, i.e. open type or metal enclosed, is selected according to the conditions existing at the point of installation. In a dry, dust-free environment, such as _ in switchgear cubicles, the open-type limit switch can be used {degree of protection : IP 20). If moisture and mechanical stresses (e.g. shocks, impact) occur or if there is additional thermal stress (e.g. hot swarf), the metal-enclosed limit switch (degree of protection: IP 67) must be used.

The available installation space determines the dimension (40mm width or 56mm width) of the limit switch to be selected.


To cover a wide range of duties, a range of actuators is offered. These actuators differ with respect to permissible direction of actuation, speed of actuation & type of actuating element.

Hence, proper selection of actuator heads is necessary.

Selection Guidelines:

  • • SICONT 3SE3 limit switches must be actuated for at least 0.1s, to ensure that the control command is transmitted.
  • • The actuators & contact blocks are interchangeable between the two enclosures namely 40mm and 56mm.
  • • For lateral direction of actuation, the respective-approach and trailing angles of the actuating element should be of equal magnitude.
  • • Under no circumstances may the limit switch be used as a mechanical stop on a moving section of machine.

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